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Quilt Repair

Do you have an old (or even new) quilt that needs a bit of repair? Whether seams need to be re-stitched, or patches need to be replaced, Marilyn can help! Great care is taken to match any replacement fabrics to the original quilt, and repairs are done in such a way as to be nearly undetectable. The cost depends on the extent of the job and materials needed. Free estimates.

PLEASE NOTE:  At the present time, Marilyn is unable to accept additional repair work, but she is referring interested parties to her colleague Carol Baldwin at  Thank you!

Here are just a few examples of Marilyn's repair work. Click on any photo below for a larger image. Some will also show before and after shots. Click here to request more information about repair work.

Cathedral Window

quilt front after repairs quilt back after repairs

A hungry mouse decided to sample a piece of this cathedral window quilt. The print patches were all still intact, so only the white part needed to be replaced. Hand quilting was done to match the original style for a repair that blends right in.  The back also needed repairs. (front before repairs) (back before repairs)

Nine Patch

quilt front after repairs

Once again a mouse was the culprit in this damaged nine-patch quilt. In some cases, only a couple of squares in the nine-patch needed to be replaced; in others an entire new block was made . Note in the second set of photos, part of the white and blue print was also damaged; a very similar fabric was found and the repair blended in quite nicely.(front before repairs) (front after repairs)

Tumbling Blocks

quilt front after repairs

Several patches in this tumbling blocks quilt were torn or worn out. Replacement fabrics were chosen to blend in with the overall look of the quilt, and patches were appliqued in place of the damaged ones. This quilt also received a new backing and binding to complete the restoration.


quilt front after repairs

This pinwheel quilt had several blocks that were quite damaged. One row was removed from the end of the quilt, and the intact blocks from that row were used to replace the damaged blocks elsewhere. This resulted in a slightly smaller quilt, but one that retained the original fabrics. A new binding of coordinating fabric was added to complete the repair. (detail of square before repairs) (detail of square before repairs)

Lone Star

quilt front after repairs

Lone Star

All of the white fabric on this lone star quilt was worn and torn. The hand quilted star was carefully cut from the original quilt, and then appliqued onto a new piece of white fabric. Coordinating purple borders were added, and then extensive hand quilting was done all around the star in patterns that copied the original quilt's design.

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