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Quilt Finishing

One of the services we offer is finishing of quilt tops. Quite often quilters would piece a quilt top, and then put it aside for quilting and binding later. Many of these tops are still unfinished -- if you are lucky enough to have one you can have a beautiful quilt once it is all done! Marilyn personally does hand quilting or will hand tie your quilt, or she can recommend a machine quilter if you choose to have your top done that way. The cost is based on the size, type of finishing, materials used and the design of the quilt.

Here are some examples of Marilyn's work. Click on any photo below for a larger image, or click here to request more information about custom work.

Grandmother's Flower Garden

The owner of this grandmother's flower garden quilt top was not sure when it was originally pieced.  It was backed with a reproduction 1930's era fabric that coordinated quite well with the fabrics in the front of the quilt.  Since the hexagon patches that made up the quilt were quite small, the hand quilting was done on the solid white circle of patches, as well as on the second circle out from each center.  Finally, the quilt was bound in white.

Chevron Quilt

Chevron closeup

This chevron design quilt had been pieced in alternating strips of dark and light. The original pieced top was not "square" so strips of red had to be added to the top and the bottom to even it out before it could be hand tied. A red binding was the finishing touch.

Red and White

No one seems to know the name of this design, but it certainly looked great once it was hand quilted. Each red shape was outlined in quilting, as well as each white shape, so the design really pops. A simple muslin backing and red binding complete the quilt.

Ellie's Quilt

Top pieced by groom's great-grandmother Ellies Quilt Label closeup

This quilt was finished as a wedding gift. The star was hand-pieced by the groom's great grandmother.  It originally had light blue fabric surrounding the star, but replacing that with the white made the design really stand out. It was hand quilted in a pattern that followed the lines of the diamonds in the star.

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