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Custom Quilts

Looking for a unique quilt? Need to match a specific color? Can't find just what you want among the 100+ quilts in our shop? We are glad to work with you to have a custom quilt made to meet your requirements. We can also work with you on coordinating items - shams, window treatments, and more. Contact us!

Here Fishy Fishy

A customer needed a crib quilt for a baby girl whose Daddy just loves fishing. I made this one with pretty pastel fish swimming on a background of pale blue with bubbles floating all about.

Stars and Steps

A visitor to our store needed two wall hangings to hang side by side; the same size and coordinating colors. They found one Amish one in the Bear Paw pattern (at right) and then I made this one to go with it.

Alison's Rainbow

"Would it be possible to get a crib size quilt with a rainbow on it? I was lucky enough to be in your store in October. I had just been diagnosed with cancer before I left for holiday in America. The rainbow has always been a real symbol of hope to me and when we went out in the Maid of the Mist we managed to get two rainbows across the Falls. I am now back in Wiltshire in England and about to start treatment. I would love to have a quilt with a rainbow pattern to hang on my bedroom wall."

Moroccan Fantasy

Christina asked me to make her a quilt in "earth tones - browns and greens" but when we started looking around at the fabric store she gravitated toward these rich fabrics of burgundy, navy and gold. This nine-patch, all hand quilted in gold thread, was selected to be in the Vermont Quilt Festival in 2007.

Andy's Quilts

In 2007, I was commissioned to make four queen size "Amish" quilts that were to accompany an exhibit of Andy Yoder's glass banks at a gallery in Manhattan. To fit the money theme, the quilts each had a subtle money motif designed into them, either in the piecing or in the quilting. I pieced the quilts in solids in the traditional Amish style, and Janet Broad of Westminster, VT did the machine quilting. In two of the quilts (Money Tree and Amish diamond variation), she used a dollar sign stencil I created to add the money theme; in the Money Bags quilt I hand quilted dollar signs into four of the blocks that looked like money bags, and in the Pinwheel Dollar Sign I designed a large dollar sign that I pieced in darker shades of the blue and yellow fabrics that made up the pinwheels.

Oh, My Stars

A customer needed a very specific size quilt to hang over the circuit breaker box in her living room. She supplied me with a photo of her couch so that I could match colors.

"The quilt arrived today - and it is PERFECT! The colors came out just right... I couldn't be more pleased, and I'm so glad I found you when I had given up looking at ready-made pieces that just might do. It was such a pleasure working with you. You gave me lots of room to participate in the selection of fabrics without letting me go off the road with some foggy idea."

The Bookshelf

Richard wanted a twin size quilt that evoked a set of shelves with books, but not "literally" (pun intended). I used a variety of fabrics to create dozens of unique "books" and then arranged them on a background of swirling dots. This quilt was finished with a "pocket back" allowing it to be used as is in warmer months, and then to have a down comforter inserted into it for extra warmth in the cooler months.

Pine Tree Pillow Shams

This Log Cabin in the Woods quilt was perfect for a customer's bed, but she needed pillow shams to complete the look.  I made shams with the pine tree design that runs around the border of the quilt.

Moose Pillow Shams

A customer fell in love with this moose quilt in our shop (pictured on the bed), but wanted to get shams to coordinate with it. I made the king size pillow shams with a coordinating design in the corners, and then Euro shams with ruffled flanges in a dark green to complete the look.

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